Women in Science... Pass it on


We each have our own story and experiences about the route to success within our respective fields.  Yet a common set of questions continues to emerge— “Just how did you get to where you are now?”  “How did you navigate the process?”  “Do you have tips and suggestions for me as I forge my own path to where I want to be… doing what I want to do?”   Have you encountered challenges that relate to gender (either sociological or biological) and wondered how to overcome these hurdles?  Wondered how to engage scientists and non-scientists in conversation about your work and truth in science?

The Women in Science Workshop (recently featured in Source and the Fort Collins Coloradoan) will celebrate the career paths of three prominent women science advocates who will lend insight into these and other questions.  Each will share her experiences— highlighting successes, challenges and ‘near misses’ along the way.

This half-day workshop will provide:  

  • Practical suggestions for all faculty/administrators (women and men) to assist in recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in science.
  • Strategies and tools to assist in conversations about science to non-scientists.
  • Insight into the science of team science.
  • An opportunity to network with a community of individuals dedicated to the advancement of women, science and improved communication strategies to promote both.

Who should participate in the Women in Science Workshop? 

Men, women, early-mid-late-post career, embarking upon a new career or gathering the tools for your prospective career—Anyone interested in continuing the conversations that will sustain, support and promote gender equity.